Secure File Sharing Services

What Are The Best Secure File Sharing Services and How To Choose One?

When choosing a file-sharing website or software, you should consider factors such as security, compatibility, price, and restrictions on data storage or file sharing. Check what the best secure file-sharing services in the article below are.

Why is data security important?

Today, data leakage is an expensive pleasure. Your company can not only lose money but also its image, customers, reputation, and most importantly, what a company can have – secrets. However, many companies deliberately choose to ignore the usual methods of data protection.

An important function of a file-sharing service is to refine relationships down to the level of individual data transformations. Most often, such requirements are applied when studying data flows. It is also very important to do the following:

    • Capture data in the documentation for relevance, searchability, accessibility, and more.
    • Actively view and monitor data at all times.
    • Instruct employees to study the data.

Why is it recommended to choose the best file-sharing solution?

Many companies are working to stop data leakage. Encrypting data, installing firewalls and other security measures, and training information security employees are some of the methods. Some businesses even go so far as to monitor how employees use the Internet and email to spot any questionable behavior. All this can only be avoided with a virtual data room.

The best secure file-sharing services in are built on top of management platforms and can include databases, data lakes and data warehouses, big data management systems, analytics, and more. All these components interact with each other, forming a single platform for working with data. It provides data management tools that are used in enterprise applications, as well as analysis tools and algorithms for processing this data.

What are the best file-sharing services for your business?

Among the best secure file-sharing services for your business are the following:


Send and share files and other large documents quickly and securely with a file transfer solution. Email large files or create a simple link to share from any device (smartphone, tablet, computer) with a simple web browser.

  • ExaVault.

Use ExaVault, comprehensive transfer manager, to monitor and track your file downloads over time. Change the data and settings of your transfers, and re-transfer files to new recipients without systematically re-uploading the same documents or deleting a transfer before its scheduled expiration date.

  • Intralinks.

Intralinks software provides secure file sharing for organizations that are mergers and acquisitions with other companies. Thanks to the fixed monthly pricing model, it allows an unlimited number of users to use the system.

  • Dropbox Business.

You get better access to files. You can easily access, edit and share files from anywhere. It also helps to recover lost files. These services improve collaboration. You can easily share large files.

  • Datasite.

Datasite is a cloud-based file-sharing platform that works for both Mac and Windows operating systems; it provides secure file-sharing with AES encryption.

The best secure file-sharing services mentioned above store individual and organizational data, encrypted and stored on business servers. Use them to distribute, store and manage consent forms or respond to topic access requests. All virtual data room portals are searchable, and full audit records are always available to help your business stay compliant.


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